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Myth and Math

I’ve done a few posts on budgets, income and expense, but recent events have got me getting out the old spreadsheet and doing some updates. With the UK Budget looming, I am wondering what wonderful tweaks and twerks of the … Continue reading

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2016 vs 2015

I have more or less completed my food spreadsheet for the year, and I have to admit, I am quite impressed with myself! Had I not kept a separate sheet to track my ‘diet shopping’ and thus can ignore it, … Continue reading

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Yet another pair of boots

I was squeaking again, and this time it was driving Hubby nuts. I’m annoyed though as this is my newest pair of boots, those that were purchased not all that long ago. The same problem has occurred in that something … Continue reading

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No, this is nothing to do with the Little People that ‘borrow’ buttons, safety pins or other bits and pieces for their world. The media is full of changes being made to mortgage applications as from midnight tonight. Some of … Continue reading

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Revenge of the drenched

It’s very nice to appreciate what other people have, but as to those things fitting into my life, well, in most cases, no. I have no need for the latest in mobile phone and computer technology, or TV surround sound, … Continue reading

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Wake up Call

I have always thought myself to be realistic and practical. When buying a new printer for the computer, we took into account not only the purchase price, but how much it would cost (laser or ink cartridge) to ‘feed’, what … Continue reading

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Very Strange

It feels very strange, but I am alone tonight. In fact, I have been alone (apart from my furry companion) since around 8.30 this morning. I am used to walking the dog on my own when Hubby doesn’t feel up … Continue reading

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Figuratively speaking

Always on the lookout for ways and means of saving money, I read with interest a headline “50 ways to save money in 2014” Being the hopeful gullible fool I obviously am, I clicked on the article, and the more … Continue reading

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