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What to do on Rainy Days?

Yesterday and today have been horrible as far as the weather goes. Rain and a cold wind makes it unpleasant to go out for a walk, though we managed yesterday and today when it stopped for a short while, but … Continue reading

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I hear the sound………….

of distant Karaoke. And it was BAD!!! Sitting out on the drive this afternoon chatting to my neighbour so that we could still socialise although Hubby is in isolation (he stayed indoors), we could hear loud music and wondered if … Continue reading

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Boppin’ at the Drop In

I’ve often commented that although we live in a holiday town, we are sufficiently away from the centre to not be disturbed by the attractions during the season. That may all change tonight as there is a function on at … Continue reading

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I feel like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, melting in the heat but without the assistance of a bucket of water. I have snores from all directions as MOH has flaked out on the couch, Bud is … Continue reading

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Let’s Party!

Everyone we’ve spoken to today have said they are going tonight when we asked. The marquee tent is up, bales of hay are in abundance, and the plastic chairs have been set out. There are even lights strung across the … Continue reading

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Dang Dung merrily I’m Hi

Shopping today in one of our regular haunts, I was again relieved not to have my ears bombarded with Slade and Wizzard walking through the door. But my relief soon turned to dismay as today was much worse. I’m talking Karaoke.

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Canopes on the Lawn

We have never seen so many parked cars (except on the M25) or so many people. One word had attracted them all. This is indeed our favourite word, but in a way it’s a shame that events such as we … Continue reading

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Street Musicians

Way back in the 80s, a driver where I worked was a regular street busker. He looked like a forlorn hippy at work, and apparently played guitar with a few of his mates at the weekends though I never actually … Continue reading

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Death of a sidekick

There have been some brilliant double acts over the years, but when one partner passes away, the other can carry on, retire or like Sooty or Basil Brush, find another Human to take over the reins. Not so with a … Continue reading

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Hog Roast

There was a social event on the Marina last night to mark the official end of the season. This is more or less what I expected to see. This is actually what we got (much tidier!) :

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