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My extended Family

Today is Thursday 19th November. I really don’t know how to start my post today as I am overwhelmed by emotion, and feeling particularly tearful today. Many of you have read Jen’s tribute I reblogged yesterday and also Melanie’s which … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt “Emotions”

The challenge: For this week’s prompt I want you to describe an emotion using your senses. Do not describe the emotion in terms of other emotions (aka adjectives). Describe it in terms of bodily reactions, perceptions, behavioral changes induced by … Continue reading

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What is Love?

Love is probably one of the most complicated things we experience, as it has so many faces and depths. It pulls at the heartstrings, divides loyalties, causes rifts, and tears you apart. L   Lasting O  Overpowering V   Volatile E   Emotional … Continue reading

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I Cry

Gone are the days when I cry with hunger, Shed tears of pain from a scraped knee, No more will I weep for what might have been, Or times when fate gets the better of me. My eyes may be … Continue reading

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The Comfort of Strangers.

I had to have some alone time today and so walked Maggie back from the supermarket one and a half miles away again. I had my oncologist appointment this morning, and although we only had to wait something like ten … Continue reading

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Family Values

I dreamt about my Mum last night, and the fact that she was on her own. Sometimes my dreams are so real (I had a couple of ESP experiences in my teens), we act upon them, and today was such … Continue reading

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To be loved

Lay with me, feel my heartbeat against your ear, Touch me with the lightest caress, a whisper on my skin. Breathe with me, share the air, Be lulled by the rhythm: out, in, out, in. Feel with me emotions deep … Continue reading

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Closed until further notice

When my first father-in-law announced shortly after his wife passed away his intentions to remarry, his four children were furious. They wanted nothing to do with his fiancee, expected all spouses to reject her (I remained impartial) and they boycotted … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

‘Three Little Words’ conjures up a mixture of emotions. ‘Three Little Words’ convey so much in our way of communication. ‘Three Little Words’ are common and understood. ‘Three Little Words’ can say it all.

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Boats, Bridges and Walls

Today I am taking a few cliches and adding my thoughts on them: Burning Your Boats definition: you destroy all possible ways of going back to that situation (source WIKI). How many times have we put a situation behind us, … Continue reading

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