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The dehumidifier hack Part 2

A few days ago, I wrote this post about using a dehumidifier to help dry our laundry indoors. Readers may also be interested in this article (source) about them today. I can now follow up with some costing figures if … Continue reading

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The cooker is here! The guys connected her up, turned everything on, and pzzzt. The trip went. They reset it, checked the wiring, turned on the rings one by one, then the smaller oven, then the larger, pzzzt, the trip … Continue reading

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Power To The People!

Well, Me actually. I have a small problem with power. My laptop has 6 hours of battery life, but usually I am plugged into mains and so can read, blog, research via another window, choose my images from google, or … Continue reading

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I’m not one to complain, but………..

If I am dissatisfied with a product I have purchased and I think it necessary, a letter and wrapper/details go off to the manufacturers. I am usually compensated with vouchers (or in the case of a lost letter in the … Continue reading

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According to the Met Office, we were due to be hit by a hurricane in the early hours today. In readiness, we both laid out practical clothes in case we had to get up in a hurry. A year or … Continue reading

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Tight or Frugal?

  Being careful or frugal is what some refer to as being tight. Though this might legitimately be the case, many have no choice, trying to make ends meet on a low income or budget.   One definition of FRUGAL … Continue reading

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