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News article: Food diary

Hubby came across this in the online news and as you all know I am very food (and money) conscious so I thought it worthy of a post. Bearing in mind the writer works full time, but from home as … Continue reading

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No roast dinner

My cooker has been in a week, and the only thing I have yet to test drive is the grill, though I used the top oven for my makeshift cottage pie. Most meals are still cooked on the hob, and … Continue reading

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Walk thoughts June 6th.

I’ve walked Maggie three times today, including once up the High Street. Hubby did the early one, donning waterproofs for the pair of them as it was tipping it down and has been for the majority of the day, so … Continue reading

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Do you have a-peel or are you a sucker?

Many years ago, I developed an intolerance to oranges which triggered migraine attacks. Since then, I have been wary of mixed fruit juices, tending to opt for pure pineapple or apple juice instead. Because of this, oranges as a source … Continue reading

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Sabotage, the misunderstood

My mother in law would often lecture me about my weight, she of the liquid diet to wash down three meals a day, eater of both her and Dad’s personally iced Christmas cakes, demolisher of Christmas handmade sweets, and snatcher … Continue reading

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It’s a Dog’s Dinner

Over the years, my family and later myself as an adult, have had a variety of dogs. They all had their own degree of charm and some pretty quirky habits,  especially when it comes to dinner. In my childhood, the … Continue reading

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