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This is Geraldine

I have called her that because I have only ever known one Geraldine in my life, and this little beauty is a one off. If anyone knows what she is, I’d be grateful for your input. Hubby thinks she is … Continue reading

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Things that Quack: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Hubby and I walked the dog round the park this afternoon, taking the last two slices of an old loaf for the ducks. We were extremely popular as the water has frozen over again, and Hubby…

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As we can’t get to the park to see the ducks, the ducks came to see us. We had three on our lawn this afternoon, all looking expectantly up at the kitchen window. We had such visitors the first year … Continue reading

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Spring’s in the air.

You might remember these fuzzy pictures I took a week or so ago when walking Maggie Well, although we don’t have this many in the park just now,  we do have about a dozen and this morning I noticed they … Continue reading

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Ducks and Ducklings

We walked Maggie in the park this afternoon taking along a large bag of seed confident that the geese had flown off for the day and we could have some peace and quiet feeding the ducks. WRONG. Although we had … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park 29th July

It’s been a bit of a funny day today. We woke up to grey skies and drizzle, but by 7.30 the drizzle had stopped though it was still overcast. We had a lot of washing to do and as the … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with the phone camera

We took a bag of seed down to the park this evening to feed the ducks. We’ve got wise to the geese and hide said bag in our pocket until we are out of their line of vision and can … Continue reading

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Join me………

After breakfast, Maggie and I went for a walk through the park. I took a bag of seed with me, knowing I’d get mugged by the geese if I wasn’t careful, so a plan was hatching in my mind as … Continue reading

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Nature’s Way

I mentioned a couple of days ago that we’d seen the first ducklings on the lake. There had been no adults taking any notice, so we just hoped they were exploring on their own. Yesterday, we saw just one, paddling … Continue reading

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Rolling back the years

Sick of the news and depressed beyond belief, Hubby and I decided to walk the dog down to the park and feed the ducks. The bread I would usually take is still good, so we took a bag of bird … Continue reading

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