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Photo shoot

We had a walk in the park this evening hoping to beat the crowds, but even at 7.15, it was still busy. Rather than prattle on, I’ll just post the photos I took tonight. There are 19 in the gosling … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park 17th May

We’ve had a social day today, from a distance of course, starting off with elevenses on the drive with our neighbour. The neighbour whose wife died at Easter was walking past so we invited him to join us and spent … Continue reading

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Cue Awww moments

We have just got back from a walk in the park and I took these with my Nikon A10. Enjoy! There were 8 at first and then swimming frantically to catch up came two more.  I cropped this one as … Continue reading

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Muscling In

It’s been hot again today though we’ve had some cloud cover, and at least Maggie isn’t as restless as she has been of late. It was beautifully cool in the bedroom last night and she stretched out before either of … Continue reading

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Afternoon walk in the park

Hubby had an errand to run so I ended up walking the dog on my own to the park this afternoon. It’s been a lot cooler today, quite pleasant in fact, so much better than the recent nights when the … Continue reading

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Duckling Ducking

I took these yesterday afternoon: The adults hissed at me at first, but I kept talking to them as I raised the camera and they let me get really close to their babies. These cuties in the top photos were … Continue reading

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Cue cute, fuzzy and growing!

Oh, what a wonderful walk we had in the park this evening. We have another new clutch of goslings, this time 6. The four and three have joined forces (don’t worry, the others were already in the water when I … Continue reading

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First Chick

I opened the blinds this morning to see two blackbirds on our lawn by the window. At first, I thought it was a male and female, but then the cheeping started and I realised it was a chick and adult … Continue reading

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