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Learning to Drive

Throwback Thursday is a new challenge put together by Maggie and Lauren who will alternate in giving us a subject upon which to base our post. It’s a long time ago now, but driving is one of the few things I … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt – Driving – 24th January

Michael is our host and has given us Driving as our Sunday Writing Prompt this week. You can find out more here This week write about driving. It could be to drive somewhere, – the shops, church, on holiday, the … Continue reading

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Bright and shiny as a new pin

As is the norm, when the car goes in for its MOT, it gets the beauty treatment. Hubby washes and hoovers it out often during the year, but come MOT day, everything is checked, cleaned and polished. The windows are … Continue reading

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Driving in my car (s)

It was a bit of a shock when I realised last year marked the Ruby anniversary of passing my driving test. I’ve written about the cars I’ve owned, and yesterday did a challenge for Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith that … Continue reading

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Insurance renewal

One of the necessities I’m afraid, and my topic relates to car insurance. Hubby is the current policy holder with me as a named driver. Purely by accident (pun, not an actual event), we discovered that personal No Claims Bonus … Continue reading

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One from the 1984 album

Here’s a little ditty I wrote some considerable years ago which was in the album I’d put together for Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary in 1984. I passed my test forty years ago and have been pretty fortunate in the … Continue reading

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RadioTopic: Zero Tolerance

The subject today is speeding on our roads, and the wish to introduce zero tolerance, so that even if you only go one mile above the limit, you will be fined. I saw a sign similar to this in NZ, … Continue reading

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Carrying On

The guy who came about the cooker was a chancer, wanting something for next to nothing, expecting us to fall for his implication that he’d be doing us a favour taking it off our hands. From the pictures he showed … Continue reading

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Gran Prix

Hubby wanted to get my Christmas present today, so we drove into town. I did the same as I did for my Mum when she wanted to buy me earrings, and that was to select half a dozen or so … Continue reading

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Stop! Think!

Everything is harder When you’re tired. Nothing is a pleasure, When tiredness takes over. Little niggles become mountains When sleep has been deprived, Tempers have no fuse and blow When rest has been denied. People can be tiresome And Patience … Continue reading

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