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Spiders, Mice and Work

You may well ask what these have in common, and I have to say not a lot, apart from being subjects in my dreams the other night. I do not like spiders at the best of times, though over the … Continue reading

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Poem without a title

Crawling out of the shadows Having hidden behind the Gate of Day You sneak unbidden into my dreams. Under the cloak of night You call to me, A mask of warmth belying your true intent. You try to lure me … Continue reading

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Pulling me back

By day I walk with head held high, Mostly the Night would pass me by, Leave me alone and not to dwell On Life before, my Living Hell. Each day I wake, am grateful for The man alongside, whom I … Continue reading

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Uninvited, it invades the private sanctuary Of Sleep, a Land of Dream and Peace: A warning, memory or premonition Of things to come, or things past? Sounds, places, familiar faces Living, Passed Over, or reminders Of what was, what is, … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl

She hadn’t shown any interest in her forthcoming party at all. Not a flicker. Still, these days she didn’t show any enthusiasm about anything really. But it was all arranged, and it was going to be one big celebration. Sitting … Continue reading

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Working on a dream

Some dreams can be so vivid, accurate and real, that when we awaken it takes a moment or two to get our bearings and come back to normality. Sometimes we don’t want to wake up and prefer to stay in … Continue reading

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Diva Dream

Oh boy, this is a beauty! I dreamed I was a celebrity Diva, and did I live up to the hype! Travelling First Class by air, I did not want to book in (it was beneath me) so I was … Continue reading

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Restless, hot and sticky, Sliding out of bed, Feet searching for warm slippers, Songs playing in my head: Both music and lyrics, Driving me from sleep Nothing clear or apparent Nor thoughts to make me weep. Sitting in the darkness … Continue reading

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The Empty Side

Weight shifted, Weight lifted, Then alighted and gone. Footsteps padding, So saddening, You being alone. Facing demons, Beyond reason, They won’t let you be. Let me help you, I’ll guide you through, But you won’t let me. So I listen, … Continue reading


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After the storm

Last night, heavy wind and rain had been forecast, though we had been suffering squally showers most of the day. We had been lucky though, and not got caught in anything when out shopping or walking the dog. The evening … Continue reading

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