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Dreams and poetry

I had a nightmare last night, crying out in my sleep and Hubby coming in to calm me. It was 4 am. I have no idea what triggers them. Some people say not to eat cheese or chocolate before going … Continue reading

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I had a dream last night

How do you rate your dreams? Are they wishes, memories, hopes and desires? Or do they hold a hidden meaning or a warning perhaps. I admit I’ve had some doozies in my 63 years, but this latest one was odd, … Continue reading

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Not yet, not yet

He stood in the shadows, watching and waiting to see how things turned out. She was joking and apparently in good spirits, but he could sense her fear. He knew her so well. It was different this time and he … Continue reading

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Nothing to Crow about

I had a dream last night about crows, or should I say one particular crow. I have no idea how it came to be in our possession, or why it latched on to us, but we had released it into … Continue reading

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In Dreams

In dreams the impossible is possible, but there will always be something to remind me that it isn’t real, no matter how much I wish it. My Dad has come to me often in my dreams over the years, always … Continue reading

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Black water

In the silence of shadow, The clock ticks. A gentle rhythmic sound There is nothing to fear. As time passes, The heating clicks, Settling down to night, And sleep beckons near. Silently walking Along the sands of time, All is … Continue reading

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Dream Analysis

I’ve always tried to make sense of my dreams when they make no sense at all. The classic is always toilets when I’m stressed or worried about something and no matter how many conveniences I find, there is always something … Continue reading

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Chasing rainbows

Walk with me on moonbeams, Share with me the warmth of the sun, Hold a star close to your heart And feel the beat as it glows in your hand. Always believe in your dreams, Wishes and yearnings long since … Continue reading

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Spiders, Mice and Work

You may well ask what these have in common, and I have to say not a lot, apart from being subjects in my dreams the other night. I do not like spiders at the best of times, though over the … Continue reading

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Poem without a title

Crawling out of the shadows Having hidden behind the Gate of Day You sneak unbidden into my dreams. Under the cloak of night You call to me, A mask of warmth belying your true intent. You try to lure me … Continue reading

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