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What to do on Rainy Days?

Yesterday and today have been horrible as far as the weather goes. Rain and a cold wind makes it unpleasant to go out for a walk, though we managed yesterday and today when it stopped for a short while, but … Continue reading

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One I forgot yesterday

While we were walking along the shoreline yesterday, a black and white dog suddenly came rushing towards me  and promptly dropped her ball for me to throw. Tash is a cocker spaniel and absolutely gorgeous. She has a playmate called … Continue reading

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Sand, Geese and a Bonsai!

We had a lovely walk along the prom this morning, and I took the Nikon to take some pictures. We set off through the park and came across a small flock of geese which included our Greylag/Canada goose family. Above … Continue reading

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There was a bit of activity on next door’s drive and what sounded like panicky voices. When I realised what was being said, I was outside in a flash thinking that little Daisy had got out, run off and her … Continue reading

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Houdini Kela

Kela has given everyone quite a fright today as she disappeared and no-one could find her. Her owner visits her sister every day and takes Kela with her. The two ladies were working in the conservatory but when it was … Continue reading

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Passing the Buck

This is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off my chest. We found out today that a neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear exactly why as she is a heavy … Continue reading

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So close, but not this time……

The search for a new dog continues, and I found myself remembering that it was over two years before my Dad found a pup for my Mum. He was a tri-colour rough collie, and lived to be fifteen. This was … Continue reading

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Looking for a new dog

Testing: original post possibly corrupted or the title was unacceptable for some reason because the second post has produced the same result. This was the post in question and comments are available on the original and also the copy. Sorry … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – The Pets In My Life

Lauren is our host for this week’s TBT/I remember when You can find out more here Today’s subject: The Pets in My life Ask most psychologists why pets are good for kids, and they’ll probably tell you it is because … Continue reading

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Card Making Session 13th September

My day has been much more organised today. This could be because I got up at a sensible time and we didn’t have any running around to do. After lunch, I got my boxes out and set to with getting … Continue reading

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