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‘Dog Whisperer’? : a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
There have been very few dogs I’ve come across in my life that don’t ‘like me’, and most are up for a fuss and a cuddle regardless of size, age or breed. I’m putty in their…

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Furry House Guest: Day 2

I wonder what Kela is thinking about this change? Yesterday when we loaded up the car it was obvious she knew something was going on, but I must admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well she’s settled in compared … Continue reading

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Letter to Ani

Dearest Ani, Photo copyright Sue Vincent I was going through Maggie’s pictures the other day and there you are. You could have been twins you know. You both had a liking for chicken and cheese and you share so many … Continue reading

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Lost Dog update

Hubby wasn’t up to walking round to see if the little dog had been found, so we decided to get in the car armed with a lead we’d kept and some cheese in lieu of dog biscuits and drive back … Continue reading

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Bummer: all change

Ho hum, all change here on WP and I cannot use the classic editor as I have been so I hope this turns out OK. It cost us £102 for a diagnostic report on the car to confirm the fault … Continue reading

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A family of dogs

Originally posted on The Small Dog:
First posted on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, 2018 There have not always been dogs in my life, but there have always been dogs in my heart. All of them, except the setters, who were…

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Maggie knows

When we lost Maggie last year, I was adamant I didn’t want another dog. The pain and sense of loss is still there after four months, but both of us have been thinking about her, Barney, and Kizzy, and talking … Continue reading

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11th March 2005

About this time sixteen years ago we were sorting out sleeping arrangements. I had a duvet and pillows on the floor in the lounge, Hubby had the bed. The nameless Puppy was tucked up in a drawer pilfered from the … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two: A Review

Notes from a Small Dog, Four Legs on Two. ISBN 9781910478271 This is my fourth Ani book by Sue Vincent, and definitely my favourite. A combination of verse and prose, it captures a dog’s eye view of food, cheese, balls, … Continue reading

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Our walk today 24th February

We had a wonderful walk this morning and were out for almost an hour! I meant to mention the other day that Geraldine has an alias as another couple call her Blondie. We saw her eating out of their hands, … Continue reading

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