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Yesterday and Today: Playtime

Maya has been spoilt these past couple of mornings as she has had the opportunity to play with other dogs. Hubby was up early yesterday and took her down to the beach…….. it was about 5.30. I was still in … Continue reading

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Another Good Shepherd

Maya was introduced to another shepherd today, one I mistook for a Belgian Shepherd when in fact it was a Dutch Shepherd. This one was six months old and the face markings very similar to Maya’s when she was younger. … Continue reading

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CMMC – Midweek Madness

Today being the 4th Wednesday in the month our task for this challenge is: CMMC: April Alphabet any word Ending with a G Wonder if you can guess:

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And the dogs will play……………..

With our current mobility issues, neither of us are able to walk Maya as far as we’d like so we are settling on alternating short walks but more often, our bodies willing. To compensate, we play with her in the … Continue reading

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How to give a Ring of Confidence to a dog.

Hands up those who remember the Colgate toothpaste ad with the ring of confidence. Well try and apply that to a dog………… a big dog………….. like Maya.

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Treat Day

We went to the garden centre this morning and although couldn’t find what we were looking for, we treated ourselves to coffee/tea and cake, and Maya had a sausage roll. She was made a fuss of by everyone: staff, customers … Continue reading

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To breed or not to breed

Several people have asked if we intend to breed from Maya and my reply is always that the jury’s out and it’s something we would not rush into. I have never had a bitch have puppies, so this would be … Continue reading

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Better things…….

The day started cool, overcast and windy. We were late taking Maya out, but when we did we had the entire beach (both sides) and prom to ourselves so naturally we let her off. Tuesday she didn’t get to play … Continue reading

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Third time not so lucky

I have been in to play, get trashed, check on, let out, feed and water the little shih tzu next door while her owners were away for the day. The first time I went in, she was all over me, … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday 25th May

Hello and good morning. I’ve been up since 4.30 but surprisingly do not feel tired………….. yet. The revenge of the bone became apparent at 5am, though the previous motion half an hour before as pre-warned by Maya’s breeder was white. … Continue reading

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