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Batteries exhausted

Typical isn’t it. It’s a lovely day, the beach is deserted, and the camera batteries die. Oh well, I did manage to get one picture. We met up with several people we knew, and I was seen by two little … Continue reading

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Memories of snuggles

I was reading this post and it brought back memories of the cottage and the bungalow in Poole. When Maggie was a pup, she slept in a cage at night, though the cage was in our bedroom so she knew … Continue reading

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Part of the Family: a reblog from Sept 2013

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
? Pets are part of the family. Most children growing up have one, gerbil, hamster, goldfish or a rabbit seem to be quite popular as a kid’s ‘first’. Not me. We lived about a mile away…

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One Liner Wednesday with a picture

Following on from Linda’s One Liner Wednesday today, I ‘recycled’ this picture from another blog almost four years ago. I’ve always loved it.

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A Walk in the Park 17th May

We’ve had a social day today, from a distance of course, starting off with elevenses on the drive with our neighbour. The neighbour whose wife died at Easter was walking past so we invited him to join us and spent … Continue reading

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It’s hard on them too

I mentioned yesterday about a beautiful sable and white German Shepherd that passes our house on a regular basis with her owner. She has the most wonderful temperament and  now she’s got to know us, likes some fuss. One of … Continue reading

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Dog Ownership

Maggie has owned us since Friday, March 11th 2005. Her predecessor Barney was lost to us suddenly the Saturday before, aged 9. He would have been 10 years old that June. My parents dogs always lived to be a good … Continue reading

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Trusting Instinct

How much do you trust your dog? I don’t mean with leaving food on the table or being left alone with kids, but can you read the signs, and what’s more, take notice of what your dog is trying to … Continue reading

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Dogs…………… with permission of course

There were plenty of dogs at the carnival today, including Maggie who was content to sit on the sidelines and watch with Hubby. Across the way, I spied this chap and up on the prom, these two: They are related, … Continue reading

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Take three dogs………………..

This morning we took Maggie out for her first walk just after 9.30. It was a little overcast, so we wore our hoodies, but I ended up taking mine off as I was too hot. I took this picture on … Continue reading

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