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Grey and cold, It’s getting dark, The rain has turned to sleet, A rumble starts And echoes close, Resonating round my feet. Inside it’s warm, The windows mist, But it’s not a winter fog, Each breath and Peaceful sigh denotes … Continue reading

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The Big Cute

What’s not to love? Aren’t they adorable? We saw an adult version this morning occupying the entire back of a pick up truck. The owner, a woman about our age, was taking her dog to work, and as she used … Continue reading

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I made a mistake today. Not that I do usually, but this was a big one, and we will probably be paying for it later. Before you all start thinking about my conceit and being right all the time, let … Continue reading

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Four o’clock warning, five o’clock eggs

We are currently in the middle of what one would term ‘blowiness’. Actually, the boat is taking a pounding as winds over 50mph hit usĀ  continually and the water splashes up against our hull in a frenzy. The ropes are … Continue reading

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Christmas Day has moved

Some time ago, Hubby and I decided that once in a while we would try to have a ‘Proper Dinner’, ie. meat and veg with all the trimmings (no pud) when we were out. This could be either at a … Continue reading

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I’ll give you fifty quid

It was raining first thing this morning, but by the time we’d got up, dressed and had breakfast, the sun was coming out so we decided to got out. Where to go was a bit of a toughie, as we’ve … Continue reading

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I don’t believe it

I’m hearing this a lot lately, and so is Hubby. We are yet to do the other two portholes with our picture frame fix and these will be given priority tomorrow. Our reason for delay was not laziness or lack … Continue reading

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New Ground

We found a new place to walk the dog today, or rather she showed us. This is not the first time she has led the way, and once again it was relaxing and pleasant. No bunny warrens this time, but … Continue reading

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The Part Time Vegetarian

My Dad was a meat and 2 veg kind of guy. We always had a hot meal in the evening, but Sundays we had a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings around 1pm. Over the years, both when my … Continue reading

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Our Boy

We had been without a dog for several years, but on August 5th 1995 we brought Barney and his brother Rubble home. They were border collies. Sadly, every time we closed our front door, Rubble became physically distressed and we … Continue reading

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