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Weather won

Out and under a sunny sky, Across the road, the dog and I, Off to do her morning bizz, We don’t notice that bit of drizz. Walking round, we start to get wet, Nothing on the forecast, yet The rain … Continue reading

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Dog to Dog

Hubby and I both walked Maggie this morning, and on the way back said Hi to a woman whose dog was walking her. It was a beautiful golden cocker spaniel, pulling madly on the lead so much that the haltie … Continue reading

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Wednesday Walk

The kiss of the dew in the morning A whisper of breath in the air Seen, but not really noticed Without you beside me to share. The sound of the birds in the treetops, The stealth of a cat on the … Continue reading

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Something in the air

Have you ever been out walking in the evening and had a sense that something wasn’t quite right? Maggie is a creature of habit, and as such has her final wee sometime between 9.30 and 10pm. If it’s a pleasant … Continue reading

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Good Girl

I was really proud of Maggie today out on our walk this morning. Hubby and I both took her as it was a beautiful morning. Crisp and fresh, but warm enough to just wear body warmers over our jumpers though … Continue reading

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Dog Walking Hour

Morning one, and I was awake at 5am thanks to Rooster Duck. Definitely too early (and dark) to get up, but I needed a wee, so I slipped out of bed so as not to disturb the dog. I checked … Continue reading

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Ping, Pang, Pong

Sounds like an advert for an oriental restaurant or trailer from Disney’s Mulan, but what I’m referring to is unidentified noises in the night. Following on from my post ‘Wave’, which incidentally was a wave of rain, not a tidal … Continue reading

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People watchers

After the rains of late, it’s such a beautiful day we decided to go out to the river for our walk this morning. The journey there was exceedingly quiet with little traffic, and when we arrived, the three cars in … Continue reading

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Missed Photo Opportunity

You can tell I’m not a photographer. I never have the camera when I want it. Tonight if I had, I would have captured this when we walked the dog: and this: and these beautiful creatures playing in the field: … Continue reading

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