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Wow! How professional………………..

We started the ball rolling on Monday. Yesterday I had a message requesting confirmation of email. Today we had text messages saying our flu jabs had been reserved and we would be contacted when they were released. Less than three … Continue reading

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What is NOT happening today

In January, Hubby was sent a hospital appointment but with other things going on at the time, he decided to reschedule and they gave him the 11th February instead. We drove up to the hospital last month to get his … Continue reading

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Oh go on, let me at ’em……………..

First and foremost it was up to the surgery for Hubby’s blood test this morning. I went in with him because the nasty streak in me was hoping he would have a problem so that he could ring the head … Continue reading

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The Beach, A&E, Maggie

We’ve been here 33 days, and visited the beach at least once a day since arriving. In all that time, the water has never been the same. I find it fascinating. The tide is at varying stages when we visit … Continue reading

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