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A Change of Operation

No, we still don’t have a date for Hubby’s op yet, but there has been a significant change in the way our GP surgery is being run. I just hope I don’t jinx it by writing about it! It would … Continue reading

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Drain and Dressing

Hurrah!The dressing is off and the drain is out. Not that I shall be flapping like a budgie at the freedom, but oh what a pleasant relief! Everything is so neat and tidy, a qualified seamstress could not have done … Continue reading

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In through the back door………………

Once again the DIY log in at the doctor’s surgery isn’t working so it’s a queue job to register your arrival. Hubby took one look at the situation and we went straight upstairs. He took a seat and I said … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

I had my physio appointment at 11.30 today and we arrived at the surgery at 11.10. Plenty of time……………… you would think. The self registration arrival machine didn’t accept my details last time, so I was second in line to … Continue reading

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When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

I’ve got to hand it to our surgery, they deserve an Oscar for their performance. Hubby is on yet more new pills, this time anti cholesterol that are not statins prescribed by the Consultant he saw at the hospital a … Continue reading

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