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Quick Update on Doctor’s visit

They have a good and efficient system and in many ways, it’s a shame the surgery can’t always operate like this. Anyway, I arrived in plenty of time and was greeted at the door by a nurse who waved a … Continue reading

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Keeping us out, or them in?

Hubby’s doctor appointment this afternoon was at the sister surgery. We’ve never been there before and put the post code into the GPS last week to find out where it was. Tucked away in a little side road off one … Continue reading

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Sit and Wait

My turn to get up early and get to the doctor’s surgery before it opened. I was going to go tomorrow, but Hubby’s appointment elsewhere is late afternoon today, so as I was awake at 6.30, I thought go for … Continue reading

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Surgery chaos again

Hubby had a phone call from the doctor’s surgery yesterday asking him to arrange for a blood test today. Hubby said this wouldn’t be a problem as he had an INR check scheduled for today so could tack it on … Continue reading

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If I have to be ill………………

I have found the doctor I want to see and who I shall ask to see rather than the idiot that Hubby has got lumbered with. I’ve mentioned our surgery before (and the previous Lincolnshire one) and what a shambles … Continue reading

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Confidence Check

It’s been a pretty good day today in the health department, and a little something else besides. How many of your remember this, The Ring of Confidence, courtesy of Colgate Palmolive. Hubs and I had dental checkups today, and whilst … Continue reading

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And the Hip Bone’s connected to the ……………….

I am not your standard kinda gal. I cut myself on the box getting the knife out, I fell up a step, eating salads makes me put ON weight, and I have less hair on my legs where I didn’t shave that the … Continue reading

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Beware! Buskers!

February is proving not to be a good month for me. I am now on crutches. And it is all the fault of a rather good busking band in town yesterday. ‘Rather good’ is an understatement really. They were actually … Continue reading

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