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Quick Preview

OK, they’re not quite finished, but rather than put off the great unveiling for yet another day, here they are. The end panel is fixed and the gates themselves can be bolted and padlocked. On hot days, we can now … Continue reading

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G’day, it’s been a good day!

Hurrah! This morning we were up early as we had dentist appointments first thing. All the drilling Hubby’s been doing lately have set my teeth on edge so I have not been looking forward to it. We have a check … Continue reading

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Always a catch

My hysterical laughter echoed down the drive as I put my arms around Hubby today. The gates are still ‘nearly finished’ and he was ready to put the furniture on them so that we could actually secure them with a … Continue reading

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Slap on the back

I did not have a good night last night, waking up in the early hours coughing, unable to swallow, and I couldn’t get my breath. Hubby always keeps a glass of water by his bedside, so after slapping me on … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Bitty Day

We had appointments today, but the sun got us up nice and early so we could hopefully made headway on the gates. Ah. Spoke too soon, and Hubby hit on a snag. Nothing too drastic, but we had a head … Continue reading

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A notch above

The gates, trellis and posts were delivered as promised first thing this morning. We had already cemented in what I call ‘flat hat’ post holders yesterday, ensuring they were level, square, upright and straight! No good having a post holder … Continue reading

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My plans for today…………

were to cook dinner, bake a cake and possibly make some cards. That’s a No, No, and thrice No. I have got a new cooker, honest. See? But I haven’t used any bit of it yet! I woke up this … Continue reading

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