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Feeling a bit silly…………

I’ve just posted a comment about life being too short to feel glum on Joy’s post Winning the Gold https://joyroses13.wordpress.com/2018/02/12/winning-the-gold/ My blogging friend Colin replied with a 1950’s teaser of ‘Who were The Glums?’ Which in turn has reminded me … Continue reading

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Duck Talker

Hello duckies, how are you? Oh please don’t swim away, I promise not to hurt you, If only you would stay. I pass you every morning And always say hello, You should know my voice by now, There’s not need … Continue reading

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Space filler, going a bit loopy

Most of the entries in my scrapbook are hand written. The last line of this little ditty tells you why I wrote it! (Graphics preceding The Answer inserted for illustration purposes only for this blog entry) The Letters  The Words … Continue reading

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Another ‘ditty’ from my scrapbook

Following on from my post A Cat’s Delight,  here is another from 30 odd years ago   Dreams of Childhood Fantasy     When I grow up I’d like to see A Knight in Armour rescue me From a castle … Continue reading

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