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Deadlines are now simply dead.

Reading Shelley’s  Carved in Stone: the Joys of Choosing an Epitaph  over at Peak Perspective about deadlines made me think of my working life before I was made redundant in 2001. My job as a financial analyst was right up my … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Perfect

Following slightly on from my post yesterday and also one from my friend Colin today, Maggie let the side down this morning by reacting to a playful 18 month old labrador. We are usually very proud of her behaviour, but … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance

I read an article yesterday about a mother taking some youngsters to task over making fun of her autistic son, and my hat goes off to her. It nudged a memory, though in a totally different context, of how we … Continue reading

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Then and Now…….?

How times (and childhoods) have changed. When I was a child, outside influences intrigued us, our curiosity was encouraged and we asked endless questions more or less as soon as we discovered our vocal chords.

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A Dog for Christmas?

The ‘C’ time is almost upon us, the time of year when some people will think about getting a puppy. Most breeders will let pups leave their mothers at about 7 or 8 weeks, so bitches will be having their … Continue reading

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