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I made a mistake today. Not that I do usually, but this was a big one, and we will probably be paying for it later. Before you all start thinking about my conceit and being right all the time, let … Continue reading

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Come share our Christmas

This will be our 26th Christmas together. Our first was sitting cross-legged at the coffee table in a rented flat, with little gifts as we were both skint and had done most of our Christmas shopping at car boot sales. … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

It’s Hubby’s birthday today. Not telling you how old, but he’s older than he was yesterday. We have been so busy today, walking the dog together first thing, and that’s when our planned day stopped. We all got soaked, and … Continue reading

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Treating Mum

One thing about staying here is that a trip to see my Mum only takes 2 hours. I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and decided to leave the guys to have a bachelor day (and dog sit) and … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can be too organized.

You will see from my previous entry that today we were sorting out the kitchen. Hubby, bless him, decided to help and by the rattling of the pots and pans, I got the idea all was not going well. Square … Continue reading

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A grumble in the crumble

My sister and her husband almost got a divorce because of me. They hadn’t been married very long, I was on my first attempt and we’d invited them round for a Sunday roast. Brother-in-law had a good appetite and Sister … Continue reading

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A Drink for my Mother in Law

Hubby describes his Mum as short and stout, like a little tea pot with legs. Actually, it’s pretty close! In all the time I’ve been part of the family, I have never known her to cook and it was Dad … Continue reading

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Bon Appetit

The Blue Danube is playing merrily in the kitchen. Hubby is whistling happily along and I can hear the sizzle of something in the frying pan. The question is, What? Being a bit of a fraud and doing as I’m … Continue reading

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It’s a Date!

“HEY! Featherbrain! You got a problem there?” “I’m not sure. The damn things won’t come out.” “Here, let me see.” “Hi Guys. You heard about the party next weekend?” “No. What’s all that about then?” “It’s grrrrrreat. Happens every January. … Continue reading


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The Pawn of a Loose Woman

Loose woman definition: A promiscuous or disreputable woman – hussy, slut, strumpet, having low morals, sexually free.Whilst Olive here is far from the subject matter of my post today (I just like her pose), married or single, a girl can … Continue reading

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