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Quick Update on Doctor’s visit

They have a good and efficient system and in many ways, it’s a shame the surgery can’t always operate like this. Anyway, I arrived in plenty of time and was greeted at the door by a nurse who waved a … Continue reading

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Some you win, some you lose.

Dinner today was a success, ginger and pineapple chicken with rice. I use the juice from the tinned pineapple with soy sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, a little sugar and a stock cube. Added to the mix today was a sliced … Continue reading

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Sunday Roast 16 December

The day has started beautiful and sunny, such a contrast to yesterday’s cold winds and heavy rain which didn’t let up until late last night. Getting Maggie out for a wee was all down to timing, and even then Hubby … Continue reading

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Sunday Roast: 7 October

One of the things I hated about other diets was the weighing and measuring, which is probably why SW suited me better. There was nothing worse than looking at plates of lovely dinner and thinking ‘I can’t have that,’  or  … Continue reading

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Tuesday nosh

Having given you a pic of Sunday and Monday’s meal, here we are with Tuesday. Today’s dish is my Ginger and Pineapple Chicken (with rice) Basically, it’s the same sweet and sour sauce recipe I’ve made up before but without … Continue reading

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Easter Dinner in our house

I checked my cupboards yesterday and noted there were two packs of stuffing on the shelf. Hubby loves his stuffing, whether it’s cooked the traditional way or my dropped pan efforts. I had plenty of frozen veg, yorkshire puddings and … Continue reading

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Burnt Offerings

Well, not quite, but pretty close. I used the oven for dinner yesterday, making sure it was hot before I put anything in. We’re not sure if it’s the thermostat, the knob position or something else as we don’t have … Continue reading

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Four full tummies and a pleasant evening.

Our postponed evening with our boating friend went very well tonight. My meal was a simple chicken curry and rice with popadums followed by trifle and cheesecake. Our guest arrived at 5pm, and gave me a small bag containing a … Continue reading

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Feeding the guys

We are spending a couple of days with MOH, and this evening has been spent watching TV cookery programmes. I love to cook, and recently I’ve been sharing my efforts in my blog. I hope if you’ve tried any, they’ve … Continue reading

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2010 Fishing

In years gone by, boats and I didn’t have any interest in each other. The same went for fishing. Whilst my sister went out on a fishing boat for the day with my Dad, Mum and I had a girlie … Continue reading

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