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A Bitter Pill perhaps

These past few days have seen me checking out a few things in readiness for this post. You might like to have a recap of the latter part on Monday’s post to get an idea. I know I prattle on … Continue reading

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About Last Night

Weight gain aside, we had a little food exercise last night at class and were divided into four groups. Each was given a task in respect of the Christmas festivities potential food intake and had to allocate syn values accordingly. … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation: 2nd September

Things are going well at SW and I have maintained this week. I am really pleased as I’ve had a few lapses, but when I think about the little extras I can have now, they aren’t actually lapses per se. … Continue reading

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Paving the way

I’ve been busy today making preparations for my next session with Slimming World. I have also put into operation Plan B for snacking. I went into a charity shop today and purchased a glass fruit bowl which is now sitting … Continue reading

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The gloves are off

Here we go again on the wonderful (not) roller coaster of dieting. Now that we seem to have got Hubby’s reflux under control (and mine too for that matter) I can concentrate on our diet properly. I haven’t written anything … Continue reading

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The Syns of a Cold

The last thing you think about when up to your eyes in snotty tissues and cold remedies is DIETS! It’s extremely doubtful I will have a loss this week, but that doesn’t mean to say I intend to come off … Continue reading

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Foods that are good for you: a revamped post from Oct 2013

I wrote the original post almost five years ago. You can view it here. I hadn’t been to Slimming World then, but for new readers, it will give you some background of my never-ending battle against the bulges. It’s over … Continue reading

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Secret Eaters

Reality TV again folks. This time a couple are dismayed that despite eating healthily, the pounds are piling on. They agreed to be filmed for five days and keep a food diary. Their eating habits were also studied and they … Continue reading

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Syn Watch

How true it is when they say ‘Your sins will catch you out.’ Since our return, I have been making a very conscious effort to keep on track so that I reach my secondary goal of another stone (14 lbs) … Continue reading

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A Drink for my Mother in Law

Hubby describes his Mum as short and stout, like a little tea pot with legs. Actually, it’s pretty close! In all the time I’ve been part of the family, I have never known her to cook and it was Dad … Continue reading

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