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Chocs aweigh!

I learned the other day that there will be no concession over Christmas with SW. This is a bit of a blow, because ‘weigh in by text’ day is Sunday, two days after Christmas, and the potential weight gain of … Continue reading

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A bit nuts…………

No, nothing to do with my previous posts but how about cereal bars? SW do their own range and you get 6 for £1.95. You can have 2 of them as a daily healthy B option, or syn them at … Continue reading

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My Syns will not catch me out

Lead me not into temptation towards the fridge as it’s been a positive day and I’ve been determined not to spoil it by over indulging because it’s a special occasion. We got Hubby’s shoes (hurrah) and our printer ink, but … Continue reading

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Dear Food Diary

After having a mammoth session on my blog (sorry, I got a bit carried away earlier), I have spent most of the afternoon going through the SW literature with a hi-lighter. Several things have changed, including some weights and syn … Continue reading

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SW, the Return

Perhaps not quite, but now that I have no more excuses to get in the way and we are more or less settled in our new home, I can begin again with the food analysis. DIET is such a horrible … Continue reading

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Grub Up!

As promised, I have religiously been keeping my foodsheet and diary to keep track of what I actually eat every day. I am keeping it downstairs in the kitchen so I don’t forget to update it, and can’t miss anything. … Continue reading

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Don’t be disheartened……….

First let me refer back to a post I did in February: True, False, or Misunderstood Over the next few days I shall be doing a series of posts about our final trip on the boat, but this one is … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Four Letter Word

You know, I hate that word. D I E T  that is. Thirty years ago, anyone mention it and I’d bristle. It brought out the worst in me, and I grew tired of being the butt of dieting jokes, not … Continue reading

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When Two-fer becomes three

I made a spaghetti bolognese for our main meal today, but omitted the herbs and cheese, the former to not aggravate Hubby’s digestion and the latter to back off with my syns. I use this mix a lot as it’s … Continue reading

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