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The D Word and then some

Most of my readers are aware of my continuous battle of the bulge and success or not in the weight loss department. I am a member of Slimming World and it is hoped that group classes will resume in September. … Continue reading

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Stats, Diets and Well Being

It has been a roller coaster week for us what with changing the car, field trips, and chasing our tails for want of a better expression. The blog has suffered as we’ve been busy and my inspiration has waned, which … Continue reading

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My syns will count me out

Pity the diet text in wasn’t today as I could have reported a loss of half a pound. Anyway, my sweet tooth has been calling me, and I have been fighting temptation. Hubby has kindly eaten nearly all of the … Continue reading

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Ah, I can see clearly now

Nothing to do with new specs or Johnny Nash/Jimmy Cliff in last week’s SLS challenge. The beauty of keeping a food diary is that you can check back on your eating habits to when things were going well when they … Continue reading

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Two Meat Free!

I wasn’t sure what to do for lunch today, but Hubby said he fancied something light with rice, so not having taken anything out of the freezer last night or having any salad stuff left, I opted for old reliable: … Continue reading

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Naughty Babies

Although I haven’t been to SW for over a month, I have been keeping a watchful eye on the scales and the direction of choice. In recent weeks, this has been against the grain, so for the past ten days … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation 3rd February

I stayed at group tonight, the first time for months actually, although I have gone regularly for weigh in. There were some new faces, and some heavier bodies, several male, and although overall the group had lost a staggering 46½ … Continue reading

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Sprung a leek?

One of the things about starting a new diet is that the first week is usually a good loss (provided you haven’t cheated of course) and the experts will say that most of it is water. I can believe that, … Continue reading

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Want a giggle?

I can’t even cheat on the diet by default and surgery…………… I am the same weight today as when I was weighed three weeks ago.I’m still chuckling.

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Editing the diet

Diet has two other personalities, EDIT and TIDE. I used to be good at anagrams for crossword puzzles and also enjoyed the TV show Countdown on C4 many years ago as it was letters and numbers, plus a conundrum as … Continue reading

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