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That glow is no star

We have had another wonderful Christmas Day, and still have lots of parcels to open tomorrow. We try to extend our celebration over at least two days, one of our little personal traditions. As expected, we’ve eaten too much, but … Continue reading

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Memories of Christmas Past

The jingly music is already in the shops and although we have no TV, the news channels Hubby tunes into are running the Christmas ads. So much is ‘in yer face’ it makes some of us wish for hibernation. Don’t … Continue reading

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My extended Family

Today is Thursday 19th November. I really don’t know how to start my post today as I am overwhelmed by emotion, and feeling particularly tearful today. Many of you have read Jen’s tribute I reblogged yesterday and also Melanie’s which … Continue reading

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That was Friday?

Where has the day gone? I lost complete track of time this afternoon and had to apologise to my neighbour as it was too late for tea on the drive! This was at 3.40 and I was walking the dog … Continue reading

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Another Gas Escape

The nose is as good as ever, and we were right. The leak I reported this morning was traced to the property next door to that of the elderly couple we know and is in the throes of being rectified. … Continue reading

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Today is Sunday, 29th March

Good morning! True to form, because we watered the garden yesterday, it rained. Not just a drizzle but a torrential downpour through the night, and the wind………………….. oh my god, the wind. All roof tiles are accounted for but when … Continue reading

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Phone Pics

We made excellent time for our appointment yesterday and as we had over two hours to kill, decided to walk Maggie in the park by the hospital so that we could all stretch our legs, then she could settle down … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: 16th November 2019

Another small triumph today followed quickly by a second. The first was having a shower and washing my hair therein on my own. It doesn’t sound a lot I know, but it’s still awkward raising my right arm above my … Continue reading

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A mini break

Back on the road today so bear with me re pingbacks and comments as my Three Things Challenge is scheduled together with my response post later. I am so pleased with your support and Melanie over at sparksfromacombustiblemind has suggested … Continue reading

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Editing the diet

Diet has two other personalities, EDIT and TIDE. I used to be good at anagrams for crossword puzzles and also enjoyed the TV show Countdown on C4 many years ago as it was letters and numbers, plus a conundrum as … Continue reading

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