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Headline Grabber 8th October

I prepared my Saturday Swapit post last night and scheduled it for this morning. Hubby found an interesting headline in The Daily Mail online today which ties in with it to some extent. In short, next year the NHS are … Continue reading

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Some you win…………..

I wasn’t worried about my diabetes check up today, and if anything was looking forward to my blood test results to see how things were going. Ah……………… I went in with my check list as I like to keep my … Continue reading

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Blood results are back

Goes to show they can be efficient when they want to be. I had a phone call from the surgery today wishing to make a telephone appointment to discuss the results of my blood tests. I asked if it was … Continue reading

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Nurse check

This morning I had my not-diabetes nurse appointment, and met a very pleasant young lady called Jamie. She apologised for her scales not being that accurate and weighed me in at five pounds heavier than my appointment with Doctor Happy. … Continue reading

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Diabetes Eye Screening

Every year, I have my eyes screened by the diabetic clinic as a matter of course. The optician does a similar test, but without the use of eye drops, and my last eye test showed no problems. Last year I … Continue reading

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Never judge a book by its cover

Or in this case an appointment to discuss blood tests. I could not have been more wrong about my anticipation of today’s appointment with the nurse. She was lovely. And she had read my notes. Today we discussed …………….. my … Continue reading

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Here we go again

I knew it. As soon as she stuck the needle in my arm and took her three phials for analysis, I knew they would call me back to discuss the results. The letter hit the mat today. The surgery is … Continue reading

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Diabetes check

Just over a week ago, I made an appointment for my diabetes MOT. Then a funny thing happened on Friday. I received a letter dated the 22nd June from the surgery saying my check up was due and to make … Continue reading

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Diagnosis……….. Diabetes?

First and foremost this is not a medical post and I consider diabetes a serious issue. Last night coming back from my SW meeting, Hubby and I got into conversation with a lady who has not been well since a … Continue reading

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Back on ‘the Pill’

Saw the Doc today, and she has confirmed my problem is high blood pressure. Apparently, one of the diabetes nurses has left so they are running a month or so behind and I should have had my appointment come through … Continue reading

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