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Tutti Fruitti

No, I’m not going to burst into song, but I have been looking at alternatives to the fruit I spent a fortune on last month. Raspberries at £1.69, blueberries at 99p to £1.39, strawberries £1.69 to £1.85, and grapes at … Continue reading

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Do not dessert me……………

This week it’s the turn, or should I say re-turn, of the sweet tooth. Most times, I am happy enough to forego a dessert, picking up grapes or having yoghurt, but there are times when a sticky toffee pudding calls, … Continue reading

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Stressed about Desserts

Did you realise that stressed is desserts spelt backwards? I have never lied about having a sweet tooth, so trying to lose weight and satisfy it can be a pain in the butt. What I like about SW is that … Continue reading

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How Sweet Thou Art

Did you know that DESSERTS spelt backwards is stressed? Anyone on a diet who has a sweet tooth will appreciate the irony, and in most cases will forgo the things they love due to calorie control and successful weight loss. … Continue reading

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No, this is not a type error or case of dyslexia. This is about FOOD BOREDOM  I suppose school dinners could be blamed for some of it. I mean we had mash, boiled and roast potatoes once a week, curry … Continue reading

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