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The root of the problem

Well, I survived…………… and so did my tooth. In fact, I was quite pleased with the result that my teeth are actually OK, though I have to go back at the end of August for a ‘deep clean’. This is … Continue reading

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Nice Lady!

Dentist today and our first meeting with our new one since our regular dentist has gone into private practice. We should have had our first appointment in November but Dick put the kibosh on that so in order to give … Continue reading

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I shall miss him………………

I had my filling today, and pleased to say that as usual, my dentist did not hurt me. The guy is a god: I get the anesthetic cotton wool before the site sees the needle, the first of which is … Continue reading

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Another cavity

We had a visit to the dentist today, and my fear of having cracked a tooth has been confirmed. Actually, a bit has broken off and I have a cavity, so that will be filled next month. Hubby got away … Continue reading

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Too Lips from Hamster man

We’ve just got back and I feel like I’ve done a few rounds in the boxing ring as my mouth begins to wake up. My dentist is terrific as he knows what a wimp I am and so I get … Continue reading

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A hole has appeared……………

It was nice to go to our old dentist surgery today. One of our regular girls from four years ago is still there, and the atmosphere is still friendly and relaxed. We completed our medical questionnaires, which have seen a … Continue reading

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Confidence Check

It’s been a pretty good day today in the health department, and a little something else besides. How many of your remember this, The Ring of Confidence, courtesy of Colgate Palmolive. Hubs and I had dental checkups today, and whilst … Continue reading

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Tables Turned

It was inevitable. You can’t live in as close proximity as us and get away with it. Yep, Hubby has given it to me. I am rarely ill, but when something hits, it’s like a sledgehammer.

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She’ll be wearing Pink Pyjamas

Courtesy IMDb Eight women attend one of Britain’s toughest survival schools to challenge themselves and conquer their fears. They learn that there is more to survival than passing the course. I remember this film from 1985, not only for the … Continue reading

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The Last Crown

It would appear the chocolate brazils have also had their revenge on my hubby. For a few weeks, he’s been asking me when our next dental check up is. Knowing his memory is sometimes approaching that of a goldfish, I … Continue reading

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