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Two days on………………..

Coming away from the nursing home on Thursday, I was glad we had come, even though Mum didn’t know I was there. I had kissed her hands and her forehead, told her I loved her and said goodbye, the parcels … Continue reading

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The Visit

We arrived at 1.38pm after a 5 am start. Mum was resting and we were shown to her new room, which was below the ground floor but accessible via a lift. The staff were very nice and attentive, explaining that … Continue reading

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Letter to Mum and a memory or two

I wrote an 8 page (side) letter to my Mum today, telling her all about the snow we had yesterday. In it, I mentioned two Erics, a previous boyfriend of my sister’s and our snowman one Christmas which was the … Continue reading

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Safe Haven

My Mum is in safe hands as it has been decided she will stay in the Care Home permanently. Sis sent me a text on Tuesday. I am glad and I am relieved. Although the text said to ‘let you … Continue reading

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Letter writing as usual.

I have written to my Mum three times since our arrival here and contacted the care home twice. It would appear that Mum is settling in and participating in all of the activities, responding well to the stimulation as we … Continue reading

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Between Then and Now

I wear my heart on an open page, Free for all to read if they take the time, But who can see what’s not visible here, Realise what is written between the lines. Who can relate to a pain so … Continue reading

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Looking after Mum

I realise there is a lot of ‘personal stuff’ in this and my previous post. Maybe too personal for blog land, but my feelings and emotions, usually kept to myself, run deep as I try to see everything from all … Continue reading

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Responding to Thinking Of You

My previous post generated some very thought-provoking comments, and for those not familiar with my blog, some may not realise that my Mother lives with my sister and has done so for 21 years now. It was never intended to … Continue reading

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Dream Catcher

What if a dream is a memory? Something fleeting, elusive and shy, A moment in time, lost deep in the mind, A sad and lonely disjointed goodbye. What if the memory was but a dream, An unfulfilled wish, a secret … Continue reading

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The Day of Drooping Tulips

It was a funny old morning when we woke up. For a change, I wasn’t sleepily groggy even though it was only 6am and as we had no plans for the day and the subject had come up yesterday, we … Continue reading

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