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A Road too far

I decided to take a leaf out of Hubby’s book today and push myself to see just how far I could walk in one go. Since our success to the Poppy Monument, we haven’t attempted it again, though we have … Continue reading

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A Stripper with sticky fingers

Sounds like a kleptomaniac in a nightclub doesn’t it. Not really. It’s me. Photo taken May 27 2018 Today we moved everything moveable in the bedroom to give us the maximum space and access to the offending wall so that … Continue reading

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Touching up……………

We have painted the hall in ‘Biscuit Crunch’. It’s several shades darker than what was originally there, but it is a lovely warm colour and gives a nice feel to the house when you come in. No major disasters, but … Continue reading

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So much for just the doors…………..

Yep, the decorating has escalated, and much as I hate doing it, I’m glad we are. When we viewed the property, everything looked clean and presentable, so we’d have little to do until we got ourselves sorted. Unlike in the … Continue reading

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It’s been a good day

We’ve done a lot today, well for us anyway. Hubby has been working on his model boat and that is all coming together nicely. We’ve also done some DIY. Hard to believe we’ve been in the house nine months…….. and … Continue reading

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TV Inspiration

There are four TV sets here, and we are lucky to have one of them in our bedroom. Most of the time, I don’t get engrossed in a programme as nine times out of ten Hubby will start surfing and … Continue reading

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Shelf Life

Whenever I mention the word ‘Shelf’, Hubby is likely to dive for cover. His track record for putting up shelves is, well, let us say, not good. Not that it’s exactly his fault, just that if I want a shelf … Continue reading

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