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Goodbye dear HDi

Today is a sad day, but it isn’t a bad day. Last year, we decided to buy a new car, putting Hubby’s in part exchange. Originally, it would have been my 206, but having been offered only £500 trade in, … Continue reading

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Even more paperwork

The deal is done, and the mountain of paperwork completed (2 hours). This country is paranoid and obsessed with the need for paperwork, the completion of it, the triplicate copies and filing of it, the reading of it, the signing … Continue reading

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Con of the 1300

We do not have a telly. In fact, we have not had a drool box for almost 8 years and don’t miss it. It appears that programs interrupt the adverts anyway, and in NZ, the end of the film comes … Continue reading

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Cars, today and yesterday

  We had a funny conversation walking the dog today, about cars we’ve both owned over the years. Hubby said he couldn’t remember much about his, apart from how reliable (or not) they were, and of course me insulting his … Continue reading

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