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Sands shifting

After all the heavy rain yesterday and comments we’d heard about the beach, we decided to walk up along the prom this afternoon. We haven’t actually walked that way for a while, certainly not up to the cafe for cheesecake … Continue reading

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Weather ’tis nobler in the mind

Or just pi 55 ing us off, damn typical. We woke up to a beautifully sunny day, stripped the beds and got the washing on. An hour later, the second load is in, and we were hanging out the first … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like getting your washing dry outside on a line. The biggest thing I missed when we were on the boat was my washing line. I was interviewed three times on Boat Living by the local media, even got … Continue reading

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Got the day off

Well, sort of. Maggie got me up at 1.30, but once she’d got whatever it was out of her system, she was ok and went straight back to sleep. Fuzzy Foto taken 10th February We slept until 7.45 so that … Continue reading

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Monday Maniacs

Mondays have never really bothered me, though some of the people I worked with were a miserable bunch, and it wasn’t limited to Mondays either! I was always bright and cheerful on a Monday morning, which I knew annoyed the … Continue reading

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Day’s Agenda: 30th January

It’s Wednesday. It’s cold outside, though the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. I’ve just watched a pigeon double in size on the fence as he fluffed himself up against the cold. Or so I thought. … Continue reading

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So Four, so good

I’ve done four prompt posts so far today, three on words and one on music. I’ve got a couple more to do and they’re picture prompts so I’ll come back to them later. Sunday is usually a pretty quiet day … Continue reading

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