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Frenemy at the Gate

When someone tells you they have cancer, you feel sorry for them and offer your support. Someone tells you they have Covid and it’s a different kettle of fish altogether. You get a rush of emotions as the bottom falls … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Mask Up ?

Rory is asking if it’s time to mask up or not. On the 24th July, so next Friday now – new legislation in the UK means the wearing of face masks will become mandatory in shops – as in it … Continue reading

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I can’t get my head round this

Anyone familiar with my blog will know how lucky I am to have Hubby in my life. We are devoted to each other, try not to take each other for granted, and worry about each other. We’ve had our share … Continue reading

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A Serious Matter

Regular readers are probably used to my light hearted approach to recent health issues but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t take them seriously. There is growing concern regarding coronavirus aka Covid-19 and the UK Chief Medical Officer has … Continue reading

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