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I’ve found myself thinking about past relationships, though not necessarily wondering how things would have turned out had we not parted company. In my teens, I went out with a variety of guys, including a Hells Angel,  an ex junkie … Continue reading

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The Long and the Short of it.

I have always been conscious of my height, being one of the tallest in my school class as far back as I can remember. When it came to boyfriends, most were shorter than me, and in one instance I had … Continue reading

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Take three marriages

Thirty five years ago, I knew of three couples who were getting married within a few weeks of each other. One intended to live with his parents after a weekend honeymoon. The second were renting a flat but having everything … Continue reading

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People Watching

It’s been gloriously hot again today. We took Maggie down to the woods early, bumping into the two (formerly three) red setter couple so had a chance to say goodbye. They are also very pleased for us, but said they … Continue reading

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