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How do you perceive it? Greed as in stuffing your face silly with food, or financial greed from the Utility Companies, Banks or private enterprise? Bus fares rise because fewer people are using the service. Perhaps fewer people are using … Continue reading

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Losing weight

Nothing to do with watching your figure I’m afraid, just watching a different kind of pound disappear (source) Been saying this for years. Prices may stay the same, but the weights don’t. You’re not using more of a product, you … Continue reading

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Better than the guy at Number 11

The figures are in for a complete ‘boating year’ and hurrah! We are well in the black. Overall, just over 50% of our joint income went on the essentials,, and 38% on everything else, so we even had a little ‘mad’ money! … Continue reading

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Two car family

A comment on my HDi post has instigated this one, so thank you dear friend for giving my head food for fodder! Up until yesterday, Hubby and I have always had a vehicle each except for a few months when … Continue reading

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Frugality in a thimble.

I’ve referred to our downsizing as trying to get a quart into a thimble, but regardless of where, or how, you live, that dreaded budget and cost of living always raises its ugly head. Usually around this time of year, … Continue reading

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Running our boat

Our new home is just under a year old,  41 feet long and a sweet little 6′ 10″ wide, hence the term narrow boat, similar to the one above. The good news is that it is slightly longer than our … Continue reading

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Flashback: 13th March 1935

According to the radio, the 13th March marks the anniversary of the first ever driving test. Terrific, I thought. That’s worthy of a post. The only problem was I couldn’t find anything about the first test being actually ‘today’, though … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

Our council send us a newsletter every couple of months in the mail addressed to The Occupier. Last month, there was a cute smiley face on a green wheelie bin under the headline: “Let Us Take Your Garden Waste” and … Continue reading

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