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The Fruit of Greed

I did a little bit of shopping today, and as the soft fruit season is upon us, have recently been enjoying the occasional punnet of strawberries if the price is right. Hubby treated me for our anniversary night away, so … Continue reading

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Water everywhere, but what to drink?

Living on a boat has its perks and drawbacks obviously. One of the perks is that our water supply rates are included in our mooring fees. One of the drawbacks is that said water supply to the pontoons and our … Continue reading

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Shot in the Ass

I’m having a warped sense of humour kind of day thanks to yesterday’s title and having a cheese sandwich for lunch. In my LBH (Life Before Hubby) I was a sucker for a sob story, hated conflict (still do) and … Continue reading

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Never mind the quality, feel the pinch!

My mother in law was a stickler for designer labels. She had racks of clothes in her loft from M&S, still with the labels on, things she’d bought on a whim, got home, didn’t like, and wouldn’t take them back … Continue reading

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The Wrong Shoes

When I was at junior school, although we had a uniform, shoes were practical and comfortable, with black plimsolls (or daps) for games. We could wear lace ups, buckles, or slip ons, and at one stage I wore a bright … Continue reading

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An invitation………..

Well, actually two. The Marina has a ‘do’ three times a year, a BBQ to start the season, Wine and Canopés in late July/early August, and a Hog Roast at the end of September. We were invited to this year’s … Continue reading

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Day 9: Homeward Bound

We were both awake early, 5.30 to be precise. Nothing to do with a restless night, anxiety, or ducks doing impressions of alarm clocks. Maggie was dozing at my feet as usual, but Hubby decided to get up and do … Continue reading

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Walk in my shoes

I am getting awfully worried and concerned. I’ve said before that I hate shopping, especially for clothes and shoes, but the time is coming around again for me to replace some footwear. The boots I bought last year   are … Continue reading

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Shopping cons

I’ve been trying to do a post on an article I read on Yahoo a few days ago. I got as far as putting notes into a draft, then we lost the internet and been busy doing other things (like … Continue reading

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B. E. R.

If you cut me open, the word BUDGET would be written through me like some kind of novelty stick of rock. Practically everything we do or buy is done with a budget in mind, and maintenance, upkeep and repairs are … Continue reading

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