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It’s not just prices that are rising

So is our anger. Yet there is nothing we can do except what everyone else is, and manage the best we can. Being on a limited and fixed income has been our way of life for years. Neither of us … Continue reading

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Cutting a new cloth

Hubby read this post this morning and knew I would immediately want to follow it up. We are always looking for ways to save money, and the first port of call is to see where your money actually goes. Keeping … Continue reading

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How do they live?

The number cruncher in me is confused, afraid, even horrified at the implications in this article in the media: Election 2017: What if I can’t afford to pay the rent? (source) Hubby and I are on a fixed income which … Continue reading

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Just visiting

Every time we’ve gone out since our return home, we’ve noticed that our host’s curtains and blinds are drawn, so believed her to be catching up on her sleep after her holiday. The other day though, we were really late … Continue reading

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Once more into the shops, once more………..

We are still here with our Friend. It is a slow process of getting him on his feet, and another emergency visit to the hospital (and discharge AGAIN) did not help. We feel however perhaps we have turned a corner … Continue reading

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According to whom?

Inflation is down to 1.9% according to the media today. When I’d finished spluttering into my cuppa, I had to laugh. Inflation as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) dropped to 1.9 per cent in January from 2 per … Continue reading

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