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Blogging Insights NF # 50 “Conversation is King”

Today’s quote from Dr Tanya is Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about. ~Cory Doctorow When it comes to blogging, viewing stats are all very nice, but it is the comments that make it for me. The … Continue reading

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Next stop, pamper shop!

This is a conversation I had with a fellow dog walker the other day on opposite sides of the road. ‘David! How lovely to see you!’ ‘My dear! And you! How are you?’ ‘I’m fine, thank you. You?’ ‘Yes I’m … Continue reading

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Hubby walk thoughts

Walking the dog this morning, Hubby was musing over other people compared to us. Sometimes he thinks we’re ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ as we have a different attitude or approach to some, especially when it comes to looking after things. A … Continue reading

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A Thankless Post

She sat in her usual position, third from the right by the door. In the draught, as usual. The heater under her seat didn’t work. As usual. Beep. Beep. Another day, another buck. Reaching to her left, she scanned the … Continue reading

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Sociable chattering

We have had a busy day but actually not achieved very much! That’s the beauty I suppose, no-one to please but ourselves, no set routine or schedule to abide by, just things to do as and when we get around … Continue reading

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You know you wanna……..

I am always having imaginary conversations in my head over potential scenarios. Hubby took this photo this morning of our Love Birds from the other day. Him: Don’t be silly. Come over here and sit in the sunshine. Her: No. … Continue reading

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Death of a Salesman?

We did a lot of DIY in our previous house, and finally washed ‘one brick’ too many. With an almighty CLUNK the washing machine stopped altogether, so we immediately switched it off before some serious damage occurred. Hubby is useful. … Continue reading

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