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Dreams, Weddings and Boyfriends.

It is said that we all dream as we sleep, but it is not always remembered. Stress made me dream of toilets and obstacles put in my way of convenience relief. Reminiscence sees me dream of relationships past, though those … Continue reading

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Do we know each other? (Red Letter Day 6)

She opened her mail box and there were several responses to her post Letter to LJ. It had been met with some positive reviews, but one in particular stood out. Hello. My name is Jim, and my wife and I … Continue reading

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You’ve got Mail

I am perturbed. I have had more conversation via email with my sister today than I have IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS, and that includes 3 visits face to face. We are not close. We are as different as chalk … Continue reading

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One of the main topics in the news last week was Loneliness. Most of the attention was focused on the elderly, those whose offspring have left the parental home, and/or a partner has died. Apparently, 30% of the UK population … Continue reading

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With Halloween (Trick or Treat) just around the corner, I suppose most of you are envisaging witches on flying broomsticks, black cats, and old crones with pointy chins, equally pointy hats, and thick hairs growing out of warts on their … Continue reading

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