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Screwing for Greed

There are a lot of people on the marina up in arms today following receipt of a white envelope announcing a rise in mooring fees. The bar steward who owns the marina has decided to introduce a Residential Rate for … Continue reading

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Litter Louts

It seems today it’s a novelty to find a polite young man (as were the three in the sinking vessel on Sunday evening despite their predicament) and to see a group of youths? Well, quite honestly, they make me nervous. … Continue reading

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A Friend in Need

We received an emergency call from our Friend yesterday. We were packed, the boat secured and on the road within the hour. When we arrived here, it was a 999 job, and he was taken by ambulance to hospital. Whilst … Continue reading

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I’ve said before that people in the boating world are different to those we have met in other areas where we’ve lived. Regular boat owners have come to the Marina over the colder months to check on and take out … Continue reading

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