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Tuesday entry : Timeshare

Years ago (in LBH, Life Before Hubby) I purchased a Timeshare week. It was a brand new development, tempting potential buyers with free gifts in the hope of making them part with their cash. On the face of it, it … Continue reading

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A sneaky ruse

Just a little snippet for us frugal shoppers out there. A few weeks ago, our preferred breakfast cereal was not available so we had to find an alternative. Not that this was a problem, as it was good to have … Continue reading

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Why trying to buy a house in the UK is a farce

Last year when we were house hunting, we found a pocket of properties we could afford to buy without a mortgage in an area where we’d like to live. We would also have been happy to pay the asking price … Continue reading

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Film Review

Hubby and I don’t have TV, neither do we frequent the theatre/cinema. We do however treat ourselves to the occasional DVD, and lately have been watching movies on Youtube. In 1966, you had Big Deal at Dodge City (aka Big … Continue reading

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