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Crashed out…… You’re Toast

There I was going through my reader, when suddenly this warning triangle flashes on my screen and then disappears to my toolbar. Meanwhile, ‘You have 9 new posts, 4 new posts, 1 new post’ messages pop up too. So I … Continue reading

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My computer hates me.

If I were paranoid, I would think they were all out to get me. Hell! They ARE all out to get me! What I want to know is why Hubby can use my laptop and it responds to his gentle … Continue reading

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Someone ate my Stats!

Yesterday, I managed to do a couple of posts, but they took me ALL DAY. Well, not that I was sitting at my screen doing nothing else for over 12 hours, but there definitely seemed to be a problem as … Continue reading

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A Novel Death?

The topic on the radio this morning was books, and what we had read as a child. Like most little girls, I had copies of Black Beauty, Little Women, Heidi, What Katy Did and What Katy Did Next. From the … Continue reading

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