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Shopping comparisons

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but a lot of that is because the way we shop has changed since Hubby’s op in 2020 and then Covid took hold so I am now doing a bulk shop … Continue reading

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We went Shopping Today

The plan was to get into town early before the rush, so we left home at 7.45, stopping off for a potty break for Maggie. We arrived at our first shop at 8.20. Plenty of places to park, no queues … Continue reading

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A bit nuts…………

No, nothing to do with my previous posts but how about cereal bars? SW do their own range and you get 6 for £1.95. You can have 2 of them as a daily healthy B option, or syn them at … Continue reading

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Shopping Obervations

We collected my new glasses today, and it was lovely to have clearer vision the minute I put them on! However, I was not wearing them when we went shopping, but that didn’t stop me noticing a few things. We … Continue reading

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Trees and Me

I woke up with thoughts of trees this morning and feeling a little melancholy. We see trees and take them for granted, that they will always be there for us to look at and enjoy. As a child, I was … Continue reading

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Back on the Air……… sort of

It has been an odd couple of days, and when it’s been time to settle down with the laptop and WP in the evening, we’ve been having a few problems. But you know, we’re used to it, the getting pi55ed … Continue reading

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Market Day

The town has two markets every week, one on a Wednesday and the other on Saturday. We’ve noticed that the mid-week one has been reducing over the past few months, though it seems to be meat and veg days as … Continue reading

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Friendship, a Contact sport

There’s a lot of truth in being forgotten as soon as the new coat of paint is dry. Haven’t heard that expression? Hubby and I are familiar with it, knowing that no matter how close our friendships were, not being … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning Walk

This morning was absolutely beautiful. The calm before the storm I suppose, as Abigail is on her way and it’s not exactly clear how close she’ll come to us here. I decided to make the most of it, and walked … Continue reading

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A Post for Hubby

I haven’t done a post on our diet for a while, and following a blood test and weigh in today, Hubby has discovered his weight has rocketed by 10 kilos which has thrown his medication out, not to mention causing … Continue reading

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