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Cushioning the blow

You may recall we took Mum’s tapestries out of their frames and sewed them on to cushion covers when we got the boat. The new settees didn’t have cushions and dividing three equally between the two didn’t work. It’s nice … Continue reading

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And the day goes on

We were up by 9am, dressed and ready to go…… sort of. Hubby slept pretty well after I got back, I had an hour blogging, then curled up on the bench with a sleepy hound now beside me, and caught … Continue reading

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Noise and rain

When it’s raining like this, I’m glad we live on a boat. At least we don’t have to worry about the water coming in over the front step or blocked drains. For Maggie though, it’s a different matter. She tolerates … Continue reading

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How else can I tell you?

I look at you and you smile. I snuggle close and you put your arm around me. But it doesn’t help. I call to you, but you ignore me, getting impatient with my whimpering. I stumble as I get down, … Continue reading

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Doggy blues

With all the current upheaval regarding our house move (or not) , it is having an affect on Maggie. Poor love. We are trying to keep to some kind of normal routine with her walks, but she’s not daft and … Continue reading

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Putting the Boot In

For a big girl, I am usually light on my feet. It’s not that I creep around, just that sometimes people don’t hear me coming. The whole world can hear me coming these days, and I’m annoyed about it. Whenever … Continue reading

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Come on in…………..

I found the following verse when making a ‘Good Luck in your New Home’ card for an acquaintance. A house is bricks and wooden beams A home is made of love and dreams When the boxes are gone And you’ve … Continue reading

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Best Friends

I have always said I get on better with dogs than people. Dogs love you unconditionally and can give so much back in return. They don’t shaft you for a percentage either and are susceptible to your moods, seeming to … Continue reading

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