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Not just the wind that blows.

I am really fed up, but in the fed up stakes, Hubby has it by a mile. It is two weeks since we went to A&E after Hubby’s mishap with the wrong meds. A fortnight since an old lady came … Continue reading

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Honey and Lemon cocktails

My bedside table looks like a jumble sale as it’s untidily cluttered with cold remedies. Vic √ Toilet roll (no tissues) √ Throat lozenges  √ Decongestants  √ Menthol eucalyptus √ Cough medicine √ Lemsip with honey √ (drunk) Bin for soiled tissues √ I am extremely careful … Continue reading


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In three days, I will not be very popular.

That is if anyone can actually tie it back to me. I know exactly who gave it to me, and when. Saturday, at the hospital out of hours surgery, an old lady arrived in a taxi and booked in. As … Continue reading

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I like to share

Hubby and I must look a real sight walking down the road together these days. Some couples hold hands, or link arms. Our hands are otherwise occupied as we whistle down the tarmac on our crutches and sticks. The whistling … Continue reading

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