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Baby. it’s cold outside.

┬áIt’s coming. That Cold Spell they’ve all been talking about. The above trees were at opposite ends of our woodland walk in Lincolnshire. The boats in the Marina are all white, whether they’re painted that colour or not. Sunday night, … Continue reading

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Not Nice……. Ice!

Don’t get me wrong, I like our boat. It’s cosy and warm, easy to keep clean, and we have everything we need. We knew the colder months were going to be a trial and test for us, and so far … Continue reading

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Gusty Blast, or Ghastly Bust?

As I was turning the corner coming back from my walk along the lock front with Maggie this afternoon, the wind nearly swept me off my feet (and I am no lightweight, even after almost a five stone loss). It … Continue reading

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First frost

Oh boy. When we took Maggie out for her final wee around 10pm last night, it was cold. And I mean……….. C O L D! The boards on the pontoons were crunchy, and we had to be careful going round … Continue reading

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A chill in the air

Hubby was up just before 6 this morning. It was chilly and still pretty dark. The dog wasn’t too bothered about getting up, but when she realised it was ‘walkies’ time, she was soon wide awake and bouncing on the … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

He was tired of looking in all the time. Of seeing their laughing faces and fat bellies whilst his rumbled on the emptiness of air. Yet he couldn’t take his eyes away. She sat alone in a corner, watching everything … Continue reading

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It’s official

According to the news this morning, we all wake up in a good mood. Then as the day progresses, we get grumpier. Really. Well, that’s what a survey has discovered. Wish I’d known, I would have volunteered to take part. … Continue reading

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Myth and the Man Flu

FIRST AND FOREMOST, MY APOLOGIES TO THE MALE SPECIES no offense is intended. In my experience, having a cold puts Men in two categories. THE FRAUD At the first sniffle, they’re reaching for the Lemsips and won’t believe you when … Continue reading

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