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Hit me, hit me, hit me!

This post is nothing to do with Ian Dury’s Rhythm Stick, but definitely being on the receiving end of a ‘whack’! I can remember a day in the 90s when I turned the corner by the bank and was lifted … Continue reading

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Not so (N)ice

Minus two degrees last night according to the weather site. Yep, I can vouch for that. We had ice on the kitchen window……… inside……… this morning. The pontoon was like polished glass and what grass is visible was crunchy underfoot.

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Circle of Black

Weather Haiku Encased and entrapped In this circle of black which Revolves and confines. This is not my picture, but you would not believe the blackness of the clouds that are currently surrounding us here in the marina tonight. The … Continue reading

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Loving the unlovely

Well, I don’t know what this bug is that Hubby has kindly bestowed on me, but it sucks. I should be getting better, but judging by last night’s discomfort, that is obviously not the case and it’s going to take … Continue reading

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Tables Turned

It was inevitable. You can’t live in as close proximity as us and get away with it. Yep, Hubby has given it to me. I am rarely ill, but when something hits, it’s like a sledgehammer.

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Good deeds

We’ve all heard the saying I am sure we are not alone in being ‘punished’ for doing the odd favour. Here are some examples:

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Feeling the chill

Temperatures are around zero today, having dropped to minus one in the night. We have an extra blanket on the bed, but Maggie is being a bit of a pain and trying to get in bed with me. She’s feeling … Continue reading

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The Howling

The wind whips across the water, Slashing and crashing Against the hulls of all berthed vessels, Bashing and thrashing Against their mooring ropes, They struggle to break free from the onslaught. Whistlings in the rigging, All of the same shrill … Continue reading

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It snowed here!

Wish I could say this was my photo as this is how the Malvern Hills (UK) looked this morning. Last night when we left our friend, it was snowing. Big fat flakes were pitching and we anticipated a two hour … Continue reading

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Ice Alert

Hubby asked for a lie in this morning having had a bad night, so it was up to me to take her ladyship out for her first wee. It was cold again, but I put the heating on for half … Continue reading

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