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Coldest Night!

It’s official, last night was the coldest of the winter so far. Hubby adjusted the heating so that the temperature indoors didn’t drop below 17º C. It was running practically all night. Outside, according to the met office, temperatures dropped … Continue reading

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Doughnuts, buns and allsorts

Hubby is really suffering again today, so I am all for spoiling him. I cooked stew for dinner adding more veg and an extra onion. Mum always used to swear by onions for colds, and sometimes would buy the little … Continue reading

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The Syns of a Cold

The last thing you think about when up to your eyes in snotty tissues and cold remedies is DIETS! It’s extremely doubtful I will have a loss this week, but that doesn’t mean to say I intend to come off … Continue reading

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A sneeze does not necessarily mean hay fever.

With the recent gloriously hot days of late and temperatures reaching up to 24ºC, I am lucky not to suffer from hay fever as people cut their lawns or tend their flower beds. Since visiting Doctor Happy and more or … Continue reading

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Ah yes, I remember it well!

I said the other day that I could not remember it being this cold, and to some extent I was right. We walked Maggie round the Avenue today and got our buns chilled off, all six of them. The door … Continue reading

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The White Stuff

Well, what a surprise when we opened the curtains this morning and saw The White Stuff. I have to be honest, judging from the sky yesterday afternoon, maybe it wasn’t such a surprise after all. We remember waking up to … Continue reading

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White and crunchy

Nope, nothing to do with a chocolate bar, though those Toblerones are still on special offer. It was threatened last night that temperatures would drop to their lowest this year, so we made sure the boat was tip-top warm before … Continue reading

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Ice Sky

I have a bit of a problem doing the stretchy exercises here on the boat as I don’t have a flat wall, and with my arms above my head, well, the roof gets in the way. However, I have been … Continue reading

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Oh No, not one of those too!

At the moment, it is important that I keep myself fit, eat well, and generally look after myself for whatever is coming ahead. The waiting is getting to me, not knowing what unwelcome parasite is attacking my body, and thus … Continue reading

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Warm thoughts on chilly morns

The temperature outside this morning was 6º, the coldest yet. Hubby put the heating on for fifteen minutes to take the chill off the boat, then went up to have a shower, leaving Maggie and I in bed. Photo: Basin … Continue reading

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