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Trend Setter

I have never been one to follow fashion, in fact my style of clothes seems to come into fashion every 20 years or so and I’m approaching my third run. As a kid, we had three of most things, one … Continue reading

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And the pipes play on

Whilst Hubby was in the travel agent’s today, Maggie and I were outside listening to some street musicians. Unlike last time, I chose to sit and listen, their pan pipe music relaxing and pleasant. The duo looked familiar, and I … Continue reading

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And we thought we’d finished????

After a good night’s sleep, and watching the Lincolnshire dawn this morning, we had an excellent breakfast and were on the road by 7.45. Hubby had written out our route, and we had our walkie talkies turned on as we … Continue reading

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Clothes Maketh the Man

My Dad once told me that if I was out looking for a bargain, to dress ‘tidy and clean’, but if I had to make a complaint, to dress ‘to the nines’ as Looks can be deceptive.  A charming post … Continue reading

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Dog Lead Shimmie

On the subject of weight issues and dieting, these days I am content with my lot having lost over four stones in the last 10 years. It doesn’t sound very much over such a long period of time, but the … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown

Hold on, hold on. This is nothing to do with the number of Big Sleeps left to C Day. I promised myself I wouldn’t do a ‘C’ post until December (it’s ready and waiting folks). I am down to the … Continue reading

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Little Girl

Driving out of the supermarket car park yesterday, I saw a little girl. She was about 6 years old I suppose, wrapped up against the wind in a blue puffer padded jacket, a red and white striped scarf and matching … Continue reading

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